34 South

Waterfront, Knysna Quays, Knysna


34 Degrees South is not exactly a restaurant …. not exactly a bar …. definitely not a deli … well, not exactly a deli … it’s an eating place … a drinking place … definitely a meeting place … to enjoy yourself … see you there …
And it’s a gift shop, a clothing emporium, a food store, a fish monger and a bakery too. And the finest wine shop this side of the grape curtain.
34 Degrees South is THE place to get your fresh oysters, freshly baked bread, wine for later tonight, some goodies from their deli and maybe a snack at the sushi bar.


A trip to Garden Route is not complete without a visit to the famous Knysna Waterfront, arguably one of the most popular leisure and shopping destinations in the region, boasting a superior marina, a base for luxury yachts and Knysna’s gateway for cruises and luxury charters voyaging into our pristine lagoon. An array of culinary delights on offer.


The home of the Knysna oyster. Breakfast , Lunch and Supper . For 2 pax to 40 ,our staff understands your requirements for tour groups. If you have limited time on your itinerary (and you’ve booked in advance), we’ll have the mezze dishes set out when your guests arrive – and we can serve a 3-course meal in 45 minutes. Children’s menus on request.

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